• 14 августа 2017, понедельник
  • Москва, ул.Большая Дорогомиловская, 14, стр.1


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895 дней назад
14 августа 2017 c 19:45 до 21:00
ул.Большая Дорогомиловская, 14, стр.1

Мы создали это событие специально для маркетологов и всех, кто заинтересован в стратегиях маркетинга. Предприниматели, руководители, — если вы хотите одновременно прокачать английский язык с носителем и ваши знания в Маркетинге — то это мероприятие специально для вас! Крис расскажет об исследованиях, которые перевернут ваше представление о том, как необходимо использовать важнейшее P в маркетинге — "PRICING". Мероприятие будет крайне полезно для всех, у кого уровень от Pre-Intermediate и выше. Do you wonder what they talk about in the marketing training sessions of the world’s biggest companies?? Philippe C. Martin is the author of the upcoming, “The Thirty Principles of Psychological Pricing and Monetary Negotiation” and used to be responsible for training in the marketing and sales department of the world’s biggest biotech company. He will now be hosting a marketing discussion group in English at the Native Speaker’s Café. Topics covered will include pricing strategy and psychology, marketing influence, immutable laws of branding, the science of business, presentations and more. While the emphasis of this group is on marketing, it is also a useful exercise in English and there will also be optional reading included.


Pricing Strategy: Anchoring – Philippe C. Martin introduces the topic in a talk about the most basic principle in pricing science – anchoring – and its irresistible power in the human mind. Want to know how to almost triple the price paid for a bottle of wine at auction by asking one simple question? Want to know how to sway any expert’s opinion of what something is worth? Want to know how one company reshaped an entire industry to its benefit with anchoring? 











Pricing Strategy: The Contrast Principle, Decoys, Extremeness Aversion, and Trade-Off Contrast Effect – Delve into the fascinating universe of pricing strategies of the world’s biggest companies. Discover how to drive business by offering expensive options. Learn which products to show a customer first. Learn why you aren’t selling ALL of your products and you should be using some products JUST to sell others. Discover how to increase market share of products by offering a different version of it. Discover how to increase sales of some goods by up  to 43% by adding one completely counter-intuitive option to the offering. 


Philippe C. Martin has a four year university degree in chemical engineering and a four year university degree in marketing. He was born in the US and is now a German citizen living in Moscow. He has almost 5 years of experience in marketing with what was at the time, the world’s biggest biotech company. He has worked as the North American Sales Manager for a major high tech German plastics company and runs a small internet business with his music and sound that has thousands of customers and generates enough income to give him the freedom to work and live where he wants to rather than where he is forced to.

Philippe C. Martin is a marketing communications and business science specialist and consultant and the author of the upcoming book, The Thirty Principles of Psychological Pricing and Monetary Negotiation – A manual of proven, essential curiosities and ideas from science, marketing and psychology for your  business, products, proposals, career and life” and the author of the “CRPS Survival Guide”. He has extensive experience teaching intermediate level English at the Polytechnic University in the beautiful city of Ulm, Germany.


What people who have attended Philippe C. Martin’s previous training have to say:

"I have been successfully managing sales for decades and I can say this is a mind taking and action provoking session — with sparks! I highly recommend it."

Anton Yatchenko

Sony (Co-Owner 12 Moscow Stores)  


"Worth every Euro. Fascinating."

Till Lesinski 

BMW — Munich, Germany (Project Manager)


"Extremely useful and enjoyable for everyone."

Natalia Semenkova 

Dixy (Manager of Marketing)


"Philippe is an enthusiastic, clever guy with a lot of good ideas. He helped us redesign our menus and develop new and interesting products to increase our sales and profits."

Alexandra Kutepova — Art Director,

Gastronimica Restaurant Holding

(Sky Lounge and Florentini Restaurants, Moscow)


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